About Jefferson
Elementary School


Jefferson students walking to school.







Located in Northeast Rochester, Jefferson serves 600 plus Kindergarten through 5th grade students. It is also home to the district’s autism spectrum disorder program, which provides specialized support for students and enriches the entire learning community. Jefferson staff are passionate about students and learning, and their commitment to do whatever it takes shines through in all they do. At Jefferson, families are valued partners in their children’s education and by working together with families, Jefferson Jaguars can achieve great academic and social and emotional success.

To arrange a tour, please call (507) 328-3500.


Get Connected.

Become an involved Jaguar family.

Invest in the future.

Jefferson students to work towards creating a better community.

Technology in the Classroom.

Technology is integrated into our curriculum to help prepare our students for their future. As technology develops, so does our curriculum.

Teamwork and Collaboration.

Jefferson students learn a variety of individual skills and how to  collaborate in clubs, groups, and teams.

Learning Beyond the Classroom.

Jefferson encourages students to continue learning inside and outside the classroom with sports, clubs, fine arts, and other activities.

Hands-On Learning.

We focus on well-rounded education.